Telc is a fourteenth century town in south central Czech Republic that was rebuilt in the Renaissance style after a fire in the sixteenth century. The town has stayed largely the same since then, surrounded by lakes, fields and forested hills. I arrived by bus because my guide book told me train service to Telc is poor. Bus service is a little bit of a challenge if you don't speak the language, but is manageable. Fortunately being a little difficult to get to has left it a beautiful, quiet town with just enough visitors so that some English is spoken. English seems to have become the universal tourist language.

One advantage of being off the beaten path is that prices are very reasonable. I got a room with a bathroom and breakfast in Hotel Pod Kastany for about $9 a night. I had been in dormitory rooms with shared baths for weeks, so it was nice to have my own space for a few days. Like Cesky Krumlov it didn't have much night life, but I took advantage of having a cheap private room in a beautiful place to relax for a while. I don't have any stories to tell so I'll just present the pictures, starting with a very irregular shaped central "square" and the Renaissance houses bordering it

the castle, courtyard and gardens

and views from one of the parks surrounding the town.

A few miles from Telc is Rostejn Castle, an old hunting lodge once used by nobility. I enjoyed the walk there and back.

Not real exciting, but it was nice have a private room in a beautiful, quiet place at a great price. Most of my time in Europe was spent in big cities, which is probably why I think back fondly on Telc.

I made one more stop in the Czech Republic, primarily because I didn't want to leave. I left Telc by bus, as I had entered, and headed for Brno.


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