Latvia was my last stop in the Baltics, and I didn't really give it a fair chance. I had spent about a month in Lithuania, St Petersburg and Estonia, been in a lot of cold rains, and I was getting sick of the Baltic weather. All I did was read my guide book, walk around, take some pictures, hit some bars then head back to Poland.

No stories and only a few pictures. Here is the rebuilt 1344 Blackhead Guild House, the 15th century St Peter's Church, the English 1857 Saint Saviors Church, and the 14th century Pulvertornis (Powder Tower).

I left the Latvia by bus, to avoid the hassle of a complicated train schedule that by-passed Belarus, or a more complicated and expensive transit visa to go through Belarus. The Belarus government doesn't like visitors. As I left in mid-July I noticed that many of the fields had already been harvested and another crop planted. The fields that had not been harvested were thick with grain. The Baltic states are at about the same latitude as central Canada. I was surprised to see they could get two very productive crops in one season. Just thought I'd pass that on, in case you're interested in the grain harvests in the Baltics.

My next stop was Krakow Poland. Click here if you want to see Krakow. Or, if you've already seen Poland, pick a country:


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