I took a few pictures in Tuxtla, but it wasn't that interesting a city and none of the pictures impressed me enough to include here. However I made a day trip to Canon del Sumidero, which is a deep, steep canyon turned into a reservoir by a hydro-electric dam. It's a nice place to go for a scenic boat ride. I finished filling one memory card on my digital camera and started another. That card and my camera disappeared on a bus ride from Oaxaca to Mexico City. Fortunately I kept the full memory card in a part of my luggage separate from my camera, or I would have lost the pictures of Tikal, Copan, Palenque, Antigua, San Cristobal, and the Canon del Sumidero pictures below. The first four are of the start of the trip:







The next four pictures are my wildlife shots. I need to get some pictures of Florida alligators, they're much cuter:







More scenery, canyon walls, short caves where the canyon walls meet the water, stuff like that. I guess the pictures are kind of boring, but it was a nice boat ride:










Without my camera the pictures end for a while. I have some narrative of the next few weeks back on the Mexico page.



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