Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo


Parque Braulio Carrillo is a large area of rain forest on either side of the highway connection San Jose to Puerto Limon and the Caribbean coast. An electric tram in a reserve next to the park was built with material carried in by foot or helicopter to cause minimum damage to the area. The tram gives a 40 minute ride above and through the rain forest canopy with passengers and a guide in each car. It was interesting, but unfortunately my memory isn't good enough to repeat what the guide told us. It was mostly a repeat of information from guides on other trips, which I also can't remember. Oh well, here are the tram ride pictures. The first is an attempt to show the variety of plants growing on the trees.  A lot of plants grow on other plants in the rain forest, some symbiotically, some parasitically:




The next few pictures are just scenery shots, showing the density of the foliage:









After the tram ride the guide took us on a nature walk and pointed out some toucans, who always perched high up in tall trees, making them difficult to photograph. Awfully inconsiderate of them:







Costa Rica is famous for its orchids and poisonous snakes. On the nature walk I took a picture of each. I don't recall the name of the orchid. The snake is definitely a viper, I think it is called a pygmy viper. I'm sorry, I'm bad with names. He's a small, mellow creature who will leave you alone if you leave him alone. It's best not to disturb him, his bite is deadly:




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