Secret Cabinet

The room in the National Museum in Naples where they kept the artifacts not suitable for all audiences was called the Secret Cabinet. Hence the title for this page. The first set of pictures below are from this room, the rest are from the main brothel in Pompeii. The pictures are not what I would call erotic, not in an arousing manner. I think most people will find them to be more amusing than offensive, but people easily offended should proceed no further.

The first picture below is a typical bed in Pompeii brothel. Historians assume that there would have been skins, straw, or something to make the surface more comfortable. The pictures following are frescoes that were on the walls of the main brothel in Pompeii. In their case historians assume they were painted to give customers ideas. These frescoes are not restricted in any way in Pompeii, so I am restricting access much more than Italy's government.

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